Sunday, January 23, 2011



UPDATE: 23 JANUARY 2011, 1243 HOURS.
What I see and understand so clearly on how an economy really work is simple, yet it shocks me why so few get it. Now almost everyone is focused on medical insurance, who got it, who can't get it, and on and on.

The Lib's rammed this Obamacare
down our throats and believes that is the magic answer. I think all of that is missing the root problem with paying for medical care in America.

The root problem with medical care in America is "The lack of market forces due to the Federal government involvement." That involvement created the deadly side effect known as "Ultra-high-cost."

So, that makes "Mr. Ultra-high-cost" the real true villain in medical care. The government itself can’t pay ultra-high-cost and 90 percent of the American people can’t pay ultra-high-cost.

All any insurance company does is collect enough money from a lot of healthy well people and bet not too many of them will become sick at any one time.

Insurance companies won’t have the money if more than just a few of their customers become sick at a time, which means they can’t afford "Mr. ultra-high-cost."

So, the shallow minded liberals decided they would solve the whole problem by forcing every able body adult to pay for medical insurance or go to jail, which I think is a dictator tactic, and un-American.

They figured that would produce enough healthy well people paying into the system to satisfy "Mr. ultra-high-cost," and in theory that should work. But, that can never work when not enough people have jobs. Then it all boils down to the bottom line.

Before any business can make one red cent of profit or pay one employee's salary it first must pay a yearly business license fee, permit fees, federal income taxes, state income taxes, local option taxes, social security tax, unemployment tax, medicare tax, state sales taxes, and taxes I can’t even think of, plus satisfy all kinds of government red tape mandates.

Oh! I had forgotten to include having to make rent or mortgage payments too before the first penny of profit is made. 

I can't remember the statistics on the survival rate of all new startup businesses, but I think it is less than three percent still standing after five years.

On top of all of that everybody including the healthy young people is going to be hit with a new big whopping Obamacare health care tax.

Then and only then after paying all of that a business must try to find enough profit left to pay the employees, restock, take care of utilities, do maintenance and then live off what is left, it is no wonder why there are no jobs. 

Plus, some utility companies piles on by charging a business almost twice the rate that they do the public.

I believe when the Obamacare impact fully hits the jobless rate is going to sky rocket even higher than it is now, and then you add all of the welfare state dead beats, that is a lot of people not paying into the system.

If Obamacare survives I just don’t think there are going to be enough people paying into the system even if they do start giving the old folks pain pills and sending them on their way.

In fact at this stage I know beyond a shadow of doubt that eliminating the “Minimum wage” and kicking the welfare state out of its social and family provider role is the only thing that’s going to save the USA.

The family provider role must be restored back to the the head of household where it belongs and where it always was until the "New deal" came along. That must be done or this great nation perishes.

Everyone keep griping about not making a living wage, but I will guarantee you that is a losing battle because the bigger the government the farther the cost of living out distances a living wage, there is no getting around that fact.

The only way to solve that is to get the government to stop giving out free money on an individual basis. 

If that is done the cost of living will have to come down to where poor people can pay their own medical bills and other cost, simply because the government will no longer be subsidizing and driving up prices.

Without the government subsidizing high prices by giving out free money on an individual basis very few merchant can charge more than the poor can pay and stay in business.

Sure, the government should help the poor and not let anyone starve, but do that by setting up temporary commissaries, kitchens, shelters, clinics, or whatever.

But, don't destroy the county's free market place, its culture, and everything else by giving out free money on an individual basis, that is what ignited the killing inflation that is eating us alive today.

Right now no one wants to hear my no "Minimum wage" solution, but they will, just wait, its coming, mass starving is right around the corner, you'll see.

Come on folks! Y’all got eyes and a brain! What goes here? Sometimes I wonder if the liberals really are this economically ignorant or just want go ahead and push this great nation on over the cliff. 

They are still speeding up government spending instead trying to cut back.

I know it’s unthinkable, but what if they are trying to force martial law for a once and for all absolute government take over, government already owns 90 percent of the real estate market and big chunks of the manufacturing industry. 

Maybe I’m crazy to think out loud like this. Lord have mercy on my soul.

Using tunnel vision and looking at survival one dimensional through the economy prism only is the deadly mistake most egg heads and ninety five percent of the population are making.

All, even a real physical currency does is make trade and bartering a zillion times more convenient. 

Civilization has never survived only on faith and I don't believe it can today, and paper money is just that.

Civilization can and did survive on trade and bartering long before money was invented, but no society or nation is going to survive very long without all four legs of the survival stool holding strong, otherwise the nation will soon fall from within.

You can call it culture or whatever, but I see the first leg of the four legged survival stool as a strong nuclear and extended family system. The second leg I see as a strong moral and religious code in place.

The third leg I see as adequate bartering capacity backup in case the economy fails. That requires many small farmers and home gardeners, and with no citizen expecting the government to guarantee their survival.

And the fourth and last leg I see as the economy with a stable currency. Now, if anyone thinks we in the USA have a stable currency, good for you, I’m not so sure.

Being able to see all four legs of what I believe is the survival stool in perspective I think raises me above the tunnel vision and one dimensional thinking that so many so called smart people fall prey to.

Again, I write what I think, I don’t try to tell anybody what to think, I might be a snake oil salesman myself for all you know. Do your own thinking and check more than one source.

If you don’t see any validity in what I write just continue writing me off as a nut case and believe what the liberals tell you. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and may God bless you. With love always, yours truly, bye.